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Visiones del exilio: Para leer a Zoe Valdes is a study on the narrative work of Cuban writer Zoe Valdes. Valdes, who left the island in 1995 and currently lives in Paris, has published poetry, short stories, and novels. She also writes for Spanish and French newspapers and is an important cultural icon of Cuban exile. A comprehensive study beginning with a general overview of Cuba during the 20th century, as well as a biographical summary of Valdes, Visiones de exilio offers a classification of her narratives, paying special attention to what she calls her sexagonia (a series of six novels focused on the Cuban experience in Cuba and abroad). Her autobiography is of extensive importance to her work, which contributes to her exploration of different issues in her narratives, from Cubanness to gender, race and the presence of other artistic expressions in her writing such as film, music, and painting. This study concludes with an insightful analysis of Valdes as an icon against Castros regime in Cuba, thanks to the importance of her cultural capital and public image. –BOOK JACKET.

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