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libro Tukiliit

A beautiful, affordable introduction to the mysterious stone figures of the North-inspiration for the 2010 Winter Olympics logo. For centuries, Inuit and their ancestors have been building beautiful rock structures across the Arctic and subArctic. These mysterious stone figures are best known as inuksuit. But not all Inuit stone figures are inuksuit, a better general word is tukiliit (singular tukilik). In Inuktitut, this refers to all meaningful stone objects, anywhere in the world. Tukiliit is a companion to Inuksuit, Hallendys first book and the first serious study of these stone figures. Inuksuit sold thirty thousand copies and was copublished in the U.S. and U.K. Tukiliit ventures to Iceland, India, the Faroe Islands and the Utah desert, revealing the presence of inuksuklike figures. It features ninety allnew, stunning images of these unique objects created in ancient and recent times, alongside Hallendys thoughtful insights into what inuksuit are, why the Inuit build them and what they can tell us about life and death in the Far North.

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