The Woodcutter S Gift / El Regalo Del Leñador

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libro The Woodcutter S Gift / El Regalo Del Leñador

One day, a terrible thunderstorm knocked down the giant mesquite tree that grew in the town square. After the storm, the townspeople gathered to gawk at the large obstruction blocking the street. They werent sure what to do with it, but they all agreed that the wood was good for nothing except a fire. But the woodcutter Tomas sees something in the huge tree that the rest of the townsfolk dont. The beauty of this tree is not on the outside but on the inside. Tomas tells them. In the following days, everyone watches curiously as the woodcutter carves and chips and whittles the wood into blocks. At one point, he moves the chunks into his shed, increasing everyones curiosity. What could the woodcutter be doing with all that lumber? Finally, Tomas calls the townsfolk together to see his creations: a wonderful collection of life-sized animals for the children to enjoy. Children and adults alike are thrilled with their private zoo! But a few weeks later the woodcutter is visited by strangers from a folk art museum who want to buy the pieces for their collection. Will Tomas sell the towns new zoo animals so that others can enjoy them too?

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