Spanish Criminal And Addictive Thinking Short Term Workbook Parts 1 6

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libro Spanish Criminal And Addictive Thinking Short Term Workbook Parts 1 6

Part of a core module of A New Direction, Hazeldens evidence-based pioneering treatment program. Encourage clients to explore the distorted thinking patterns at the root of addiction and criminal behavior.all regions. The workbooks are formatted so text flow matches the English-language workbook and facilitators guide – allowing everyone to stay on the same page allow one facilitator to work with both English- and Spanish-speaking clients maximize opportunity for cognitive understanding because clients complete exercises in their primary language Information, exercises, and activities in the Criminal & Addictive Thinking workbook will help offenders see that criminality and addiction are thinking problems before they become behavior problems. Offenders will learn how their thinking influences their feelings and behavior how to recognize their own distorted thinking patterns (e.g., jumping to conclusions, selective focusing, excuse making) how to stop criminal and addictive thinking patterns Workbooks use phrases and describe situations that are familiar to criminals and addicts. Quotes from offenders underscore key concepts.

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