Raul Castro: Is He The Transformational Leader?

Raul Castro has become the face of the so called ‘Cuban Revolution’. In other words: the dictatorship that has plagued the Cuban affairs for over 53 years. Misery, hunger, lack of all freedoms, injustices, manipulations…these are many of the things we hear on everyday basis about news coming from the Caribbean Island. Usually autocratic leaders are charismatic leaders as well, some with more or less abilities than others. If a leader is autocratic plus does not have charisma, he/she will be inclined to be hated very soon and learn a deserved lesson. If the leader is autocratic and very charismatic, he/she will never change and will be hated forever in history. Is he a transformational leader? Does emotion plays a role in what becomes such a leader? There is really any emotional intelligence? Is it, emotion, a right perspective variant in a leader? Of course, when you are self-aware of the manipulations you are creating in order to form worker’s inspirational motivations without permanent rewards, you realize how empty your statements are. CONTENT: -Introduction. -Raúl Castro, Communism-Socialism, and Autocratic Leaders. -The Emotional Intelligence. -About the author.

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