Prevention S Healing With Vitamins

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libro Prevention S Healing With Vitamins

Theres an explosion of new research showing that individual nutrients do everything from preventing and curing disease to holding back the aging process. Vitamins and minerals can ease the pain and inflammation of arthritis. They can help burns and other wounds heal faster. They can help women get through menopause and help men stay sexually vital on into their later years. Vitamins and minerals can help prevent recurring headaches and ease symptoms of the common cold. They can protect you from heart disease and the damage that comes from high cholesterol. They can help preserve your memory and help keep your skin smooth as you age… Does all of this sound a little too good to be true? Well, it all comes from top doctors and researchers around the nation. Over the past few years, theyve made incredible leaps forward in understanding how to use common vitamins and minerals for healing. All that new knowledge is presented in this book in easy-to-use format. The editors of this book spent two years reviewing studies and interviewing hundreds of researchers to answer your vital questions about how to use vitamins and minerals to prevent and cure disease.

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