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Emergency Journalism During half a century Vicente Leero has marked the Mexican press with his style. His is an indelible stamp, the imprint of a tireless and deep work, trace of the best journalism: that which is felt before being thought, that is known by intuition in the finger tips. This is the anthology of a life, of a stark work, lucid and exciting. Emergency journalism is an absolute journalistic and literary exercise. Vicente Leeros writings hum in the ears, they atrophy the nose of those who read them, they cling to the skin and grab the tongue. Fifty years of history, five decades of stories, half a century of deep and subtle intelligence, of chronicles, interviews, reports and opinions. The years and the pages get mixed and confused while facts and men parade timeless and naked. Emergency journalism is an indispensable legacy, a written mosaic of the Mexican XXth century. This book is, tries to be, a balance of the exercise of a profession assumed with literary passion. Vicente Leero

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