Oir La Luz/ Hearing The Light

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libro Oir La Luz/ Hearing The Light

Thirty years after the onset of his first book, that Ways to be alone that earned him the Prix Adonais, to offer readers the new title of Eloy Sanchez Rosillo, Hear light, which comes at the moment of greatest fulfillment of a long, Brilliant and highly recognized. We are faced with a capital of the books of his author. It is, of course, the most extensive and varied, and perhaps the most serene as you intense and deep-in written by Sanchez Rosillo to date. In its pages are transparency, accuracy and other elements antirretrica unique and unmistakable of the poets work under a different light. Some of it aimed at the force and certainty, his previous book, but Hear the light reaches full development and splendid achievement.

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