Mythology & History In The Great Paintings Of The Prado

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libro Mythology & History In The Great Paintings Of The Prado

This selection from the master paintings of the Prado provides an opportunity for the reader to explore two fascinating themes represented in the collection: mythology and history. In addition to enjoying the pictures for their aesthetic qualities, the reader is drawn into what lies behind them, and the context within which they were created. Many of the great myths of Spanish history are represented here, and the wide range of classical themes covered in the mythological paintings reveals the preferences, tastes and ideas of the artists patrons. Among the great artists whose works have been chosen from the Prado collection to be included in this book are: Goya, Poussin, Rubens, Velasquez and Veronese. The author has also selected a range of other great works to form a basis for comparison. The result is a highly informative and well illustrated book that not only complements the Prado collection but is a valuable reference source for all interested readers.

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