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Mexico City the most documented analysis of contemporary urban Mexico. Peter Ward has done it again! Susan Eckstein, President of the Latin American Studies Association Mexico City is one of the largest and most dynamic megacities of the world. The last four decades of dramatic growth have seen great economic, demographic, political and social change. Does such profound change threaten the fabric of urban life in Mexico? Peter Ward argues that Mexico City is not falling apart, not in danger of imminent implosion. Rather, its citizens and local authorities are responding positively to the major problems that confront them: economic and commercial restructuring, privatisation and deregulation, excessive centralisation, low-paid job opportunities, poor housing and infrastructure, inadequate distribution of health care facilities, poor and corrupt policing, ecological fragility threatened by pollution and earthquakes. More democratic city management systems and structures are emerging, whilst grassroots movements are making their voices heard and affecting change. This second edition of Mexico City remains the best informed guide to this most fascinating of the worlds cities.

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