Life Is A Gift

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libro Life Is A Gift

In this book, former Formula One racing driver María de Villota recounts the 180 degree turn her life took after the fatal accident that happened during aerodynamic tests conducted with her Formula One team during the summer of 2012 and which left her with serious injuries. Far from becoming discouraged, her tenacity and courage proved more powerful than that tragic event. LIFE IS A GIFT is the moving and passionate testimony of a woman who refused to give up driving her own life with a firm hand until the end. You got up much faster than you fell. FERNANDO ALONSO. Formula One racing driver María has always been a machine that stops at nothing because nothing is a problem for her. PEDRO DE LA ROSA. Formula One racing driver Extremely competitive, fast and with great determination. MARC GENÉ. Formula One racing driver You have always been an example because of your tenacity and determination to reach the top, you have my complete admiration. CARLOS SAINZ. Racing driver María is a wonderful example for all of us and it has been a privilege knowing her. MICHÈLE MOUTON. President of the Women in Motorsport Commission of FIA She has given us a master class in struggle, suffering and work at each point in her life. JAIME ALGUERSUARI. Formula One racing driver Now, her life is no longer measured in milliseconds, its measured in smiles. ANTONIO LOBATO. Journalist and director of Formula One broadcasting for Antena 3 TV (Spain) María inspires us to believe in our true potential and in our ability to successfully cope with the challenges life throws at us. DR. MARIO ALONSO PUIG. General and digestive surgeon and author of the book Reinventing Yourself Plataforma Editorial contributes 0,7% of proceeds from the sale of books in the Testimonio (Testimony) collection to NGOs. Contributions from the sale of Life is a Gift will be destined to the Ana Carolina Díez Mahou Foundation.

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