La Extravagancia

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libro La Extravagancia

Title: Extravagance (Translation). In this book, specialists from various fields try to answer the questions: Who is extravagant?, What is extravagance?, and What social structures give rise to extravagance and make it visible?. In his essay, Carlos Castilla del Pino, this books editor, tries to distinguish between extravagance and eccentricity. Anna Caballé, an expert in biographical discourse, asks what an extravagant life is. Blas Matamoro, meanwhile, analyzes how Oscar Wilde turned extravagance into an existential attitude. These are just a few of the essays included in this book, the sixth book to come from the Cultural Anthropology seminar organized by Carlos Castilla del Pino –Cover, translated. Key terms. Persons: Oscar Wilde–Places: Europe–Places: Spain–Periods: 19th century–Periods: 20th century–Forms: Science–Forms: Anthropology.

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