La Esperanza Es Un Camino

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libro La Esperanza Es Un Camino

HOPE IS A PATHWAY – These are not easy times for hope. When one looks around one finds a lot of uncertainty and disillusionment. But it is precisely when human reality contradicts our expectations, that evangelical hope becomes more necessary. And the fundamental reason of Christian hope it is not in what we can do but in what God can do in us or through us. It is not a substitute to attain omnipotence that we seek. It is not a spare tyre to which we take recourse when we see that our spirit is low. It proposes to begin to see everything from another perspective. And there, we are not the ones who are in the centre. It is a path that we must walk daily, cultivating a group of evangelical attitudes that open ways that make it possible, that welcome it. The words of Cardinal Eduardo Pironio appear more than once illuminating these reflections, with his testimony and teachings, confirming to us that hope and happiness are still possible in spite of difficult times.

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