La Doble Historia Del Doctor Valmy

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libro La Doble Historia Del Doctor Valmy

Written in 1964, then banned and only staged in Spain 12 years later after Francos death. Bueros powerful play, La doble historia del Doctor Valmy, tackles the controversial question of political torture. Daniel Barnes is a family man who works as a member of the Political Police in an imaginary country called Surelia. Ordered by his superior to torture a political prisoner, Daniel becomes sexually impotent. After a visit to Dr Valmy, Daniel discovers that his condition is a self-punishment for what he has done to the prisoner. Mary, Daniels wife, gradually becomes aware of the secrets of her husbands grisly trade and attempts to persuade him to leave the police service, with devastating results. The play focuses not on the victim but on the torturer and the consequences of his actions for his family, marriage and personal relations. This is a new edition of one of Bueros most successful and most provocative texts and contains a detailed and wide-ranging introduction, bibliography, notes and a plot summary in English. A helpful vocabulary and variety of work topics makes this an ideal edition for sixth form and undergraduate students.

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