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libro Infinity Ecuador/ Ecuador Infinito

Infinite Ecuador.-Because only poetic definitions are possible in Ecuador. Under this premise, five photographers belonging to the same generation travelled around the country: Sebastián Crespo, Karla Gatchet, Ivan Kashinsky, Jorge Vinueza, and David Marín, capturing a country of colours, volcanoes and seas, from different viewpoints and with great technical skill. A country of green maze forests, of crystalline waters, and farmed valleys, of a sun that makes its way amongst eternal snow-capped mountains and shines over golden sands. The photographers with their sharp eye and all their heart , with the altitute of who captures the subtle movement of the breeze or the accomplice look of who wants to be photographed, amaze us with every image of wish, emotion and provocation, unveilling the hidden Ecuador, sometimes humble, beatiful and surrealist, and other times open and impressive welcoming with its strenght or tenderness, and capturing us with its eternal embrace.

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