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libro Grupo De Estudos De Curadoria

The Museu de Arte Moderna has taken, mostly in the last decade, innovative institutional paths since its creation in 1948. The group of Curatorial studies, founded in 1997, by Tadeu Chiarelli has a notorious significance to fine arts. The intention to publish this book was to debate once again the mission of the museum. This SECON EDITION has all the material from the two sold out editions of 1998 and 1999, added new approaches, being interviews from the Group of Curatorial studies members. This is the issue that has guided the MAMs presence in society panorama. Texts by curators Felipe Chaimovich, Helouise Costa, Tadeu Chiarelli, Regina Teixeira de Barros, Rejane Cintrao, Ricardo Resende and Marcos Moraes.

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