Fragmentos De Una Enseñanza

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libro Fragmentos De Una Enseñanza

The present book Fragmentos de una Enseñanza [Fragments of a Teaching] is the result of my conversations held with the Master P. for a period of fourteen years, covering different subjects of the Occult or Esoteric Philosophy which many students are familiar. Though it may not appear new to some, this is the first time that a work of this nature has been published in the Spanish language, since most of the books on these subjects, are usually translations from the English, French, and other languages. Very few books if any, have been written about this particular for the spanish speaking public. My sole function and responsibility in the preparation of this work, is to be faithful and truthful to the teachings imparted by the Master, and to put it in such a manner that it can be understood by all– not only the few. Finally, I can only add that the purpose behind this book, is to stimulateand thus awake, all men and women of good will who earnestly aspire to a better understanding of some of the laws and principles, which God has manifested throughout the Universe, and which the Masters of the Wisdom have proclaimed thru the Ages. For More Information, please visit the authors website.

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