Flemish Tapestry In European And American Collections

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libro Flemish Tapestry In European And American Collections

Professor Dr Guy Delmarcels intensive research on the Mobile Frescoes of the North resulted in numerous articles, books, lectures, and exhibitions, thereby unlocking tapestry to both scholars and the general public. He has now been given emeritus status. The Department of Archaeology, History of Art and Musicology at the Catholic University of Leuven has decided to honor its former chairman by offering him a Festschrift entirely dedicated to his beloved field of research. Throughout the centuries Flemish tapestry has eagerly been collected. In the Middle Ages and early modern times the European elite spent fortunes on these lavish works of art. A number of essays compiled in the present volume focus on the patronage and collections of European kings and noblemen. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries European and American museums became important collectors of Flemish tapestry, as is demonstrated by some museological studies presented here. This penetration by Flemish tapestry of the public realm has,obviously necessitated iconographic and stylistic studies. A number of new analyses are gathered in the Festschrift.

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