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libro Easy Spanish Word Power Games

Learn Spanish through challenging and amusing puzzles! Easy Spanish Word Power Games offers you an entertaining but effective way of expanding your knowledge of the Spanish language. The puzzles in this book–anagrams, labyrinths, and more–contain clues in Spanish that form high-frequency words when you work them out. This will help you add to your vocabulary and reinforce your Spanish skills. Each puzzle type challenges and sharpens different aspects of your Spanish spelling and word skills. They also add to the variety and enjoyment this book provides. At the beginning of each section, a partially worked-out puzzle shows you exactly how to solve the puzzles that follow. And if you have difficulty with a puzzle clue, complete solutions have been provided for you at the back of the book. The fun and learning in Easy Spanish Word Power Games will bring you hours of pleasure, along with a great deal of Spanish-language practice. The puzzles feature both clues and answers in Spanish.

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