Drag Racing 201 Racing In The New Economy (spanish Edition)

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libro Drag Racing 201   Racing In The New Economy (spanish Edition)

Following the success of his first book, Drag Racing 101, where IH Racings Team Owner Ike Heckler Jr. explains how to build your first race car and secure sponsorship, Ike now brings you Drag Racing 201 – Racing in the New Economy. After racing at NHRA tracks in the northeast and southeast for the past 10 years in a booming economy where securing sponsorships was relatively easy, Ike takes you on an exciting journey through 2010 and explains what it is like to uproot your personal life in order to pursue the goal of semi-pro drag racing. With over 52 career round wins and national media exposure from SPEED TVs Pinks All Out, NHRAs National Dragster, and NMCAs Fastest Street Car magazine, Ike has secured corporate sponsorships from Lucas Oil, VP Racing Fuels, WIX Filters, OReilly Auto Parts, ReMax Realty, Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts, CARQUEST Auto Parts, and Kens Speed & Machine. IH Racings primary sponsor, Premier Properties of the Space Coast, is owned by Mr. Heckler and develops residential and commercial properties in southeast Florida. In Drag Racing 201 Ike explains how to use your own company together with your other sponsors to be able to fund a full race season and be able to travel the hundreds of miles from racetrack to racetrack economically. From getting into the Final 32 at the Pinks All Out event in West Palm, FL to making the WIX All Out 16 at the Pinks All Out event at zMax Dragway in Charlotte, Ike brings you along to all the other races and other fun events he was able to attend in 2010 with the help of good friends and sponsors. You will also ride along as he moves from Florida to North Carolina, then back to Florida just so he could honor his commitment to all his sponsors and race the season. He will also show you how the degrading economy affected his racing operation in 2010 and how he had to adjust and sacrifice his personal life to be able to race and survive. Drag Racing 201 then looks into the future of the sport and projects how…

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