Dare To Be Your Master

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libro Dare To Be Your Master

Buddhahood, enlightenment or waking up are really all quite similar. They can be achieved when one attains the frequency or the state of peace of mind, heart, body and soul. It is precisely that very instant when a person forgets himself, accesses the void and then finds himself immersed in totality. Here he fuses with the light of unconditional love. At that moment he realizes he is one with everything and peacefully feels at home . Thereafter nothing will ever be the same. He has become his inner child once again, pure innocence. He has finally understood that it´s all about just getting on with life in a carefree way. His new light will act as a beacon for many to follow as they feel that special attraction without knowing why. You too can be that beacon. Dare to be your own master! MORE SUZANNE POWELL´S VIDEOS

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