Contemporary Mexican Women Writers

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libro Contemporary Mexican Women Writers

Mexican women writers have moved to the forefront of their country literature in the twentieth century. Among those who began publishing in the 1970s and 1980s are María Luisa Puga, Silvia Molina, Brianda Domecq, Carmen Boullosa, and Angeles Mastretta. Sharing a range of affinities while maintaining distinctive voices and outlooks, these are the women whom Gabriella de Beer has chosen to profile in Contemporary Mexican Women Writers.De Beer takes a three-part approach to each writer. She opens with an essay that explores the writer apprenticeship and discusses her major works. Next, she interviews each writer to learn about her background, writing, and view of herself and others. Finally, de Beer offers selections from the writer work that have not been previously published in English translation. Each section concludes with a complete bibliographic listing of the writer works and their English translations.These essays, interviews, and selections vividly recreate the experience of being with the writer and sharing her work, hearing her tell about and evaluate herself, and reading the words she has written. The book will be rewarding reading for everyone who enjoys fine writing.

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