Como Leer Dibujos Industriales, Bllueprint Reading Basics

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libro Como Leer Dibujos Industriales, Bllueprint Reading Basics

Blueprint Reading Basics has been a popular textbook in the academic and industrial world for many years. And now the new Spanish-language edition, Como Leer Dibujos Industriales, is sure to be just as relied on by Spanish-speaking students and apprentices who need to learn how to interpret and read blueprints that are in English. Containing the first six chapters of the English-language edition, it includes tolerances and provides a practical training program for reading industrial prints. Como Leer Dibujos Industriales can be used alone or as a companion to the English-language edition. Contains the following sections in Spanish: preface, text and captions, review questions and answers. Written in the same non-technical and easy-to-read style as the English-language edition. Numerous worksheets with English and Spanish instructions or only Spanish instructions. Special skills such as drafting techniques and freehand drawing are not required.

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