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libro Colección De Documentos Inéditos

The documents published in this collection (often abbreviated DII), 42 volumes (1864-1884), were selected by a team of Spanish historians as representative of the glories of their countrys history in the Americas. Drawn exclusively from the Patronato Real group of the AGI, the transcribed versions of the original manuscripts include correspondence between Spanish monarchs and many of the major figures of the early European contact with the Americas. This collection and a successor set, published between 1885 and 1932, were selected for the breadth of their coverage of the early Spanish period in the Caribbean, and North and South America and for the accuracy of the paleography. Since the printed volumes present the documents in a notorious scramble, the digital edition greatly enhances the collections value for research and instruction by allowing users to search its full text for occurrences of names, places, dates and other terms. Note: Two printed volumes offer very limited access to the collection. Schäfer, Ernst. Indice de la colección de documentos inéditos de Indias. 2v. Madrid: Consejo de Investigaciones Científicas Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo, 1946-1947.

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