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libro Camino Hacia La Salud

This curriculum provides the basic information everyone needs to avoid HIV infection, but was specifically designed for Latino farmworker students in grades 6-7. The student materials are written in Spanish and English and may be used with older student or young adults, or in English-as-a-second-language courses. An introduction provides background on AIDS among Latinos and African Americans, AIDS and risk-taking behaviors among adolescents, migrant farmworker youth and their risk of HIV infection, terminology, teaching strategies, and parental notification and involvement. This section also includes a checklist for teachers, activities to prepare students for discussions about AIDS, and a student presurvey. The curriculum includes five bilingual lessons. The first lesson covers the information about HIV and AIDS that is most essential for students to learn, while the other four lessons provide multiple opportunities for students to learn and practice skills related to risk assessment, assertiveness, decision making, and problem solving. Each lesson contains core activities and optional activities that involve cooperative learning, critical thinking, class discussion, and role playing. Many student handouts in English and Spanish and a student postsurvey are included. Appendices contain English and Spanish glossaries, background information about HIV, a sample letter to parents, and an annotated bibliography of resources for teachers, students, and parents. (SV)

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