Building Spiritual Muscle / Fortalezca Mente Y Espiritu

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libro Building Spiritual Muscle / Fortalezca Mente Y Espiritu

Building Spiritual Muscles is written in five parts. Part I talks about how my encounters with ordinary people during my world travels helped put my years of metaphysical understandings into perspective. Part II is a sketch of my early life where the seeds of my metaphysical thought processes were sown. Part III offers advice for developing physical strength and endurance based on my many years of body building and work as a personal trainer. In part IV, I share insights, instructions, meditations and exercises that I use for building spiritual strength. Part V highlights essential metaphysical guidelines that can expand have expanded my capacity for inner peace no matter what I’ve encountered on life’s journey. This book is not a traditional how-to book. I believe that each individual must find his or her own path to happiness and peace of mind. My belief is that sharing my personal experiences and revelations would motivate others on their journey to peace of mind. This is a journey of the heart. It begins by being open to others, being non-judgmental, having compassion and self-love. It takes living and experiencing to discover your own individual way. The only person who can teach you about yourself is you, however, every once in a while, people show up in our lives as guides. Guides help smooth out the path, but it’s our own personal experiences that generate wisdom.

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