Aspectos Del Mundo Hispano Practice Book

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libro Aspectos Del Mundo Hispano Practice Book

Complements advanced level Spanish course books by providing practice in reading and understanding longer texts. Students will also develop the vocabulary needed to understand and talk about important issues in modern Hispanic society. It encourages an analytical method of study, and the eight photocopiable self-study units are based on authentic texts dealing with topics such as Estereotipos culturales and La biodiversidad. Lively, interesting and carefully graded, the exercises begin with identification of key words and comprehension questions followed by detailed and precisely focused practice with the new vocabulary, grammar and phrases. Units conclude with a written and speaking exercise, and extensive Correcciones y explicaciones sections give correct answers to and commentaries on the exercises, in addition to sample essays. Grammar and shades of meaning are explained simply but thoroughly, so that students can develop their language skills rapidly without the need to work closely with a teacher.

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