Annals Of Life Insurance Medicine 6

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libro Annals Of Life Insurance Medicine 6

Today, the integration of life insurance medicine into the framework of general medicine goes without saying. On the one hand, the diagnostic therapeutic knowledge of clinical medical science forms the tools of the insurance medical adviser for the evaluation of life insurance applications. On the other hand, life insurance medicine has been able to pro vide valuable statistical data for long-term prognosis which have become an essential part of the daily medical practice and prognostic appraisal. This mutual engagement and en richment has again distinctly manifested itself in the scientific program of the 13th Con gress of Life Assurance Medicine held in Madrid. Among the broad and varied data available, the insurance problem of cancer and ma lignant diseases of the haematopoietic system were extensively dealt with for the first time. Diagnostic therapeutic progress increasingly allows valuable insurance cover to be granted to formerly uninsurable risks, a group which is particularly in need of, and re quires, life insurance cover. The number of risks which are uninsurable becomes smaller and smaller.

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