100 Días De Momentos Y Experiencias

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libro 100 Días De Momentos Y Experiencias

An innovative marketing strategy turned into a how-to guide in running a top quality restaurant. Author Ricardo Pompa was the General Manager at deCanto Italian Restaurant located in the heart of the iconic landmark Bund area of Shanghai, China. His innate talent towards 5 star service is put to the test as he works to raise the standards of a Chinese-owned establishment.What began as a daily blog on WeChat, Chinas massive social media platform, was eventually expanded so that each of the 100 consecutive days highlights a key aspect of restaurant operation: Standards, Systems, Team Building, Leadership, Cultural Awareness, Vendors, Clients and Friends. The goals, frustration and rewards are vividly described with a language filled with wit, humor, expertise and emotion – with timely references of golf and baseball throughout. Though centered around the specific challenges that this Cuban author experienced while working in China, anyone working in the service industry around the world will certainly find familiarity in each of these 100 Moments and Experiences.

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